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Will You Be My Quarantine? <3

When COVID19 arrived in the US, I was just taking off for spring break in Puerto Rico. I don't think I nor anyone else could have predicted how the next few months would play out.

While in PR, my friend Adrian and I lived it up. We were completely ignorant to the severity of what was happening in the world around us. We received emails multiple times each day about how school would be closing for 2 weeks. Then how school was closing until further notice.Then how all students would have to leave within the next week and a half. It felt serious all of a sudden. Of course, we were aware of what was going on, but we all know that something doesn't seem quite as serious until it affects you personally.

Well here we are 2 and a half months since school closed, and I feel quite AFFECTED. As a introverted extrovert, it has been quite difficult to adjust to this new life where the only people I am able to see on a day-to-day basis are my family members. And honestly, sometimes I don't think they like me very much (it's fine, I know that they do). I have been sleeping in a camper parked in our driveway, where sometimes the heat works and sometimes it doesn't. My bedroom at home was converted into an art space for my mom, which I would not want her to change at all! So, for now, I'm dealing with the camper, and I'm glad that I at least can have my own personal space.

Being in quarantine has really forced a lot of us to become more introspective. There is just so much time on our hands, and so few people to open up to. I count myself very lucky to have my family around. Even though they get on my nerves sometimes, whose family doesn't?? They keep me grounded. But when I'm not with them, I think a lot.

I think about quarantine.

I think about my relationships.

I think about my future.

I think about the state of our political system.

I think about the thousands of people all over the world who have not been so lucky during this time.

And I think, wow, what can I do about all this?!

I'm hoping, that this blog can be the first stone in my path to figuring out some of these heavy topics. And maybe, by allowing you to see into my own thoughts, I can spark some creative thinking in you as well :) If something I says touches or or makes you think... reach out and tell me about it! I have nothing but time on my hands right now and I would love to have a conversation with you.

Here's a picture of Baby Boobis (aka Ruby) to brighten your morning.

Enjoy your day, and stay safe <3

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